BBQ & Hog Roasts

We will provide all the meat for your BBQ which will include any of the following:

Lamb burgers/ Lamb kebabs/ Lamb chops/ Traditional beef burgers/ Various flavoured beef burgers/ Rib eye steaks/ Chicken kebabs/ Marinated chicken breasts/ Chicken drum sticks/ chicken thighs/ chicken wings/ Sausages and BBQ ribs.

If you are hosting a party why not put your feet up and let us take control of your event. We will prepare, cook and clear away everything for you.

We provide everything from the food, crockery & cutlery, side dishes, condiments, deserts and waiting staff. Whether it is a Wedding, Christening, Family birthday, School fete, Charity fund raising event that you are hosting we will take care of every aspect of your event for anything from 20 to 100 plus guests.

Or go the whole Hog and have a Hog or Lamb roast

A Hog roast can cater for 70 plus people and our various packages include the pig, chef, buns, apple sauce, side salads and napkins all of which can be tailor made to suit your specific requirements.

A Lamb roast is a brilliant alternative to the Hog and a full Lamb will cater for up to 60 people. Basic packages will provide you with the lamb, chef, wraps, side salad, condiments such as minted yogurt dip and napkins.

We have an extensive contact base that can provide discounts on Marquees, Portable toilets, Bouncy castles, Entertainers, Children’s Mascots, DJ’s as well as decorations for your venue such as balloons and flower arrangements.

For more details on any of our BBQ or Hog/Lamb roast packages call the shop on: 0208 467 0423 or email Rob.

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